Cubism: The Woman Who Lost Her Shadow

ARTIST Mohsen Hedayati

Date2019 June 7
TechniquePoster Color and Tikky Graphic Pens

ABOUT THE Cubism: The Woman Who Lost Her Shadow (STORY)
The colorful light of the projectors fell on the reader so much that his shadow left him!

Result of the 2022 International Artist Grand Prize Competition

4,258 works of art were submitted for the 2022 International Artist Award Competition, created by artists from 76 different countries.
The 328 highlights in this competition are very competitive and will be on display from May 13th to the 16th 2022 in Art Revolution Taipei. One of the finalists will be announced the winner on August 31st.
Mohsen Hedayati’s painting with the title of the woman who lost her shadow and was abandoned are among the finalists of this competiton.


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