Cubism: Fear

ARTIST Mohsen Hedayati

TechniquePoster Color

ABOUT THE Cubism: Fear (STORY)
I taught my baby to sleep with one opened aye and teach her baby. He learned to see colorful dreams with his eye and see the truth with the other eye! In face, reached no city, and in its alley, people sharp their knives every night for tomorrow.

Saba is the meeting place of the third link between art and peace and friendship

Saba is the meeting place of the third link between art and peace and friendship
According to the public relations of Saba Cultural and Artistic Institute affiliated to the Academy of Arts, this exhibition, which opened on Thursday evening, November 4, at the Ostad Farshchian Gallery, includes a collection of more than 70 works in the following formats: painting, photography, volume, illustration, graphics and posters. Calligraphy of 50 artists with a view to peace and friendship.
The works of these artists with various techniques such as: chalk pastel – oil paint – black pen – mix media – colored pencil – acrylic – digital painting and with different trends and in different styles of: real, portrait, abstract, impressionism, expressionism, surrealism and … formed in different dimensions and reflected a range of currents in contemporary art.
Paintings Magician, Fear and He Knew What He Had Heard by Mohsen Hedayati were displayed in this exhibition.


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